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Writing Classes from BYU-Idaho Education Week

I attended both of the writing classes from the BYU - Idaho Education Week. I really enjoyed the presentations and thought I would write up my notes.

Write an E-book in a Day

Cindy Sue Bezos

29 July 2017 - BYU-Idaho Education Week


--- 1. Everyone has 17 books in them.

--- 2. Why do you write? Write to make a difference.

--- 3. "We know that each of us has always existed in some form. The scriptures teach us: “Man was also in the beginning with God. Intelligence, or the light of truth, was not created or made, neither indeed can be” (D&C 93:29). We know that we became the spirit children of heavenly parents, thereby inheriting the genes of godhood, and we were nurtured by these parents in the heavens."

Elder Glenn L. Pace - January 2005, Confidence and Self-Worth

--- 4. Elder Uchtdorf's Mormon Message, "Create"


A. Determine Your Focus

--- Write an eBook: Sense of accomplishment, Posterity, Example, Getting "out there"

--- Types of eBooks: Tip Books, Interviews, Inspirational Quote Books, How-to books

B. Create Structure

--- General Overview of Book Format

  1. Front Cover

  2. Title --- make sure to have a working title while you are writing (it helps)

  3. Front Matter --- i.e., Copyright Material

  4. Testimonials

  5. Dedication & Acknowledgements

  6. Table of Contents

  7. Forward

  8. Introduction

  9. Chapters

  10. Conclusion

  11. Additional Resources

  12. What's Coming Next

  13. About Author --- Have only three things, have a friend write it for you.

  14. Back Cover

--- Class Activity --- Making A Self-help Book Outline --- For Widows

C. Editing - Professional editing --- one resource -

D. Publishing --- traditional (lengthy) vs. self-publication (various avenues)

--- Presenters Information ----

--- Final Note --- Remember there is power in finishing

I Want to Write a Book - Where do I start?

29 July 2017 - BYU-Idaho Education Week

How to Follow Your Dreams ---

--- Imagination

--- Practice

--- Persistence --- Get help from groups; LDS Beta Readers

--- Only 1 in a 100 people who say they are going to write a book, finish one

--- Only 1 in a 100 people who finish a book, publish one.

Writing Process ---

--- Pre-write --- Visualize places (visit places that will help you ); Music playlists for inspiration

--- Write --- Don't worry about sentence structure the first time around.

--- Revise --- Still don't worry (focus on subject matter)

1. Alpha Readers --- Family (someone who is nicer)

2. Beta Readers --- People who won't just build your ego

--- Edit --- This is where you focus on the nuts & bolts

--- Publish

Additional Notes --- Always end chapters with cliffhangers --- keep them reading

--- She gave examples of the first chapter of one of her books, quite funny... A princess dancing with someone who's eyebrows looked like caterpillars.

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