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LDS Storymakers Conference 2019

I attended my first Storymakers Conference this year and I feel very conflicted.

On the one side, the conference was amazing. The teachers and presentations were amazing. I have a copious amount of notes and pictures that I need to review and type up for my notes. I, also, met some incredible people. I actually felt a bit overwhelmed by the kindness of the people that I met.

The conflict that I feel is about how much I need to learn about the craft. Last night and today, it seemed overwhelming. I know that this is simply a hobby for me, but I would like to be good at the craft of writing.

A couple of

favorite things about the conference -

The Saturday morning inspirational message from Sarah Eden was, dare I say, magical! I felt so inspired after that meeting that I felt I could accomplish anything! It was about writing when discouraged.

The Intensive Section by Julie Berry on reviewing was incredible. I would highly recommend it.

I attended a couple of classes by Lisa Mangum and they were so fun and informative. I attended a presentation she gave up in Rexburg a couple of years ago at a teen conference and you could tell she was a lot of fun. :) You can tell that she is highly respected within the writing community. I also liked that she listed my guilty pleasure Arrested Development on one of her presentations.

I look forward to next years!


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